Sunday, 28 December 2014

Blogmas - week 4!

Blogmas has finally come to an end and this is my final post! I feel like I have not stopped running around for the whole of December, however from monday the official countdown began and I finally had time to chill out and spend time with my family. 

Tuesday and Wednesday I mainly spent with friends we had a get together both days and it was really nice to relax and see everyone before Christmas as I new I would be with my family from then. 

I had such a nice day on Christmas day, I got up early and we opend our prezzies then I helped my mum cook the famous Christmas dinner. Its the one thing I always look forward to and it was so tasty. After diner we were all so full we ended up falling asleep in front of the tv. I loved spending the day just looking through all the new thing I got and eating nice food and watching great films. We didnt do much at all that day but I think thats what I loved most. 

For the last couple of days ive not been doing much at all just visiting family, and eating more turkey! Ive been having a little look through the sales however im a bit disappointed with them. I do however have a few things im getting with my Christmas money so ill share them soon. 

Im now just looking forward to new year, hopefully will be able to do some makeup looks before then. Im hoping to get a blog schedule in place and having the day tomorrow to organise my diarys etc. 

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas, ive enjoyed seeing what you have been up to too so share your posts below.

Zoe x 


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