Saturday, 20 December 2014

Two Favourite Tools For Applying My Base!

Hey everyone, this week is totally manic for me and im sure its the same for you too. Im struggling to to makeup posts as they take so much time so ill get more christmassy ones in before the big day. Today I thought I would share the two things I always use for applying my base. When I do other peoples makeup I use all kinds of different brushes however for me personally I always use these two.

First of all its the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. This is one on my all time favourite brushes. Its ability to appply all types of cream and liquid products make it really versitile. I find with this brush I can create a very natural sheer coverage by using circular buffing motions and really working the products into the skin. However by using more of a dabbing motion and pushing product onto the skin I can build up a nice full coverage for nights out. I like that its quite dense so it doesnt absorb alot of excess product and its also really easy to clean. Its a really useful and inexpensive brush I use it to apply any cream or liquid product. 

The second tool I use is the very well known Beauty Blender. This is a sponge which you squeeze under a cold tap until it doubles in size then it is ready to use. It creates a flawless base by using dabbing motions pushing and blending product over the skin, you can also apply lose pwders with it to.  I like to use this as its really comfy and kind over the skin and doesn't drag or pull the skin. This also makes it really good for blending out concealers or other products you apply over foundation as it doesn't disturb anything you have already applied. It is reusable as you can clean I personally like to clean it after rvery use so it doesnt stain. Its a really nice and effective way of applying your base to create that flawless finish and I could not be without it. 

Zoe x



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