Saturday, 24 January 2015

Four Most Used Brow Products!

To be honest I am not a fussy person about my brows. I do look after them and shape them but I am not overly neat with it. I do love the look of these super sculpted out brows however for me personally I like mine to look pretty natural for every day. I do like them to be more defined for a night out or special occasion however for my everyday makeup I keep them pretty simple. I like to use products which I can create both of these looks with and also be able to do them quick and easy as we don't always have hours to do our makeup...more like 10 minutes.  So these are my four most used brow products which I love, they are so versatile and I have used them all for a very long time now.

Benefit Brow Zings - This is one of the first brow products I ever brought, it comes with a wax you apply first to the brows and then a powder on the top. I like that the powder is really natural and you can create a good shape with it. It does last on me all day and its so perfect for your makeup bag as its small and has everything in you need. It even comes with some tweezers and brushes to apply the wax and powder. I think this would be god for someone who is just starting out using brow product as its easy to control and you can apply as much or as little as you want.

Benefit Gimme Brow - I find this the most easy way to do my brows. All you have to do is brush this through the brows it sets them all in place and it also contains small fibres which creates the look of fuller and thicker brows. The brush is really small which makes it really precise and easy to control. This is also great for someone who does not have a particular shape or sparse brows. You can brush back and fourth though the hairs so the fibres latch on to the smallest hairs to create the look of thicker hairs. It keeps the brows in place all day so they don't move but they still look really natural and don't feel or look sticky at all.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - This is one the best brow pencils I have ever used! It is a twist up pencil which has a spoolie on the end to so you can blend as you apply the product. The pencil is really fine so you can fill in your brows to make them look really natural. You can also create those super sculpted and defined brows with this too. You can draw in fine hairs to really fill them in and its really easy to blend out. Its a very easy pencil to use and its really soft so you don't have to be heavy handed. I never felt confident using pencils when I first started doing makeup but this pencil has made doing brows really easy.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel - This is a great brow gel, I chose the tinted one so I could use it on its own and still make them look a bit more filled in and also with the powder or the pencil just to set. It sets the hairs really well and they wont budge all day. I like that they don't look like they have a brow gel on them and they don't feel clumpy either.

So they are my four most used products which I find makes doing brows easy. What are your favourites?

Zoe x


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