Saturday, 17 January 2015

My Everyday Moisturiser!

When it comes to skin care I think I have tried and tested all sorts of pots and potions, although I like to try all different brands and I will continue to, my usual everyday moisturisers are these by L'Oreal from their Skin Perfection range . Before I tell you how they have benefited me, ill just tell you my skin type is very very dry! I do suffer with eczema and all other things that come along with having dry skin. Its also so very sensitive, I can react very quickly to something that doesn't agree with me so I am constantly on the hunt for products that are kind to my skin, and keep it hydrated all day.

So I purchased these when they were first brought out, so I think I have been using them now for nearly 12 months maybe more? In the morning after I have washed my face these are ready on my desk, and I first apply the Advanced Correcting Serum which is said to refine skin texture, tightens pores and even and brighten the skin tone. Next I apply the Correcting Day Moisturiser. This also is said to, even the skin tone, hydrate, make the skin feel soft and that pores look virtually undetectable.

I have applied these two together day and night  to the face and neck since I first ever brought them and I can say I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin. They keep my skin really hydrated all day and night. My skin feels really soft and smooth and it looks in much better condition. I have a natural healthy glow to my skin and it doesn't look aggravated. My pores are smaller however I never had trouble with them to start with. It has evened out the texture of my skin, I no longer get them little bumpy blemishes under the skin like I used to, and they do creep back without regular use of these products. My makeup applies and sits very well over the top and lasts all day too. The only thing I have not noticed much difference in is I have a lot of red pigmentation and sun spots over my skin and this is still the same... but Im not expecting miracles. 

Overall I could not live without these two products, I have finally found something that really suits my skin and its needs. I have noticed a massive difference since using these and I can also tell if I haven't been using them. I think they are a great price and boots are always doing offers on them too. Remember when it comes to skin care you have to try it for a longer period of time notice any benefits which I have with these products. If you have any recommendations for me to try please feel free to share them too! 

Zoe x


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