Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fullips Lip Enhancer!

Medium Oval, Small Oval, Large Round.



The world is going mad lately when it comes to getting bigger and fuller lips, who doesn't want them? I don't particularly mind my lips however it would be nice to have them a little more plumper. So flicking through Instagram I came across all these videos and pictures of people using these little red devices to get lovely big lips and that is how I found these... Fullips...

I did a little research on them especially on YouTube because to be honest I was thinking.. how can these possibly work, however I didn't find I picture or video where someone had used them and not seen a significant result in seconds. Therefore being the makeup junkie I am I had to see for myself if this was worth the hype or not, so I ordered one off ebay. When my package arrived I was so shocked when I opened it to find that Linda Gomez the founder of the company had sent me all three so I had the whole set. I was so grateful as she also included a leaflet where she highlighted instructions and tips for using them and a little note to say thank you at the end. I thought it was so lovely to put such a personal touch on what I purchased and It shows that she really does value her customers.

So down to business what are they? Fullips are a temporary lip plumper. They come in three different sizes (Top picture) Medium Oval, Small Oval and Large Round. There are different sizes to suit different lip shapes and work on different areas, I wont go into too much detail but here is a little more info:

Medium Oval - For smaller, overall mouth size, single or both lips

Small Oval - For thin lips and targeting

Large Round - For fuller mouths and overall mouth fullness, both lips

There are some important things to note before using them, such as rinsing them out first. never suck in too hard, and start off slowly then build up.

The devise is so easy to use, you simply dampen or moisturise the lips then place the device over them, suck in the air and let your lips relax in them for a few seconds then gently remove. You can repeat the process with the same or different sizes until you get the right result. I tried these for the first time last night and I could honestly not believe how effective they were, the results are to last around 3 hours but on me it lasted a lot longer. I used them again this morning for this post and you really can see the difference. I prefer to start with the medium oval for a few 30sec sessions then my favourite... the small oval to target areas I want to be more fuller. I am so happy with them and they are so fun to play around with, I really could not believe how big my lips became and im sure with regular use I could get them a lot bigger.

I think Linda has come up with such a great idea and created a product which is so simple to use yet so unbelievably effective. They are perfect for nights out or you can pop one in your bag to use during the day. I love that my lips are a lot fuller, my top lip is also a little smaller than the bottom but I can target and work on that one more, its so easy. They are great fun and im really happy I have them. 

                                                              Zoe x

Please visit the website which I will like again here as there is all the information you need on there.   



  1. OMG this is the first time I'm seeing this and it looks amazing! Defo gonna have to try it, thanks.

    Hope you can follow me back :)

  2. I no they are so effective! I have followed you back hun x

  3. I keep seeing these on Facebook and Instagram but I wasn't actually sure if they would work or not! Do they hurt when you use them? Great review xx

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    1. Thank you! They should not hurt when you use them, you do it in short intervals so it slowly plums them without bruising them. I couldn't believe how effective it was but its not permanent xx

  4. Yup! Love these! But for anyone who tries them... Be very careful you don't suck in too hard & give yourself bruised lips.... Not fun.

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