Monday, 23 February 2015

If You Could Only Pick 4?

We all have those dreaded mornings when we have slept through our alarms, there is no time to get ready, so we shove our hair up and grab the most basic makeup products to create the easiest and quickest makeup ready to run out of the door. This has happened to me before and I thought it is quite a relevant post for a Monday morning. So I chose the four products I would use to create the quickest makeup look in a rush. 

foundation would have to be my first, a light covering just to even everything out and cover blemishes. I think a nice even base makes up for not wearing much other makeup.

Bronzer just to add more definition and colour to the face. It can look really natural with no other makeup, and will stop the face looking flat.

Brows can also make a massive difference to the face. A brow mascara or this Gimme Brow by benefit is perfect when your in a rush. It adds definition, shape and keeps brows in place all day. 

Mascara is my final choice, to make my eyes look more open and awake.

what would your 4 be?

Zoe x



  1. Totally agree these are the products to grab for when in a hurry, I would personally only swap the bronzer for a subtle blush and the foundation for a BB cream so I can quickly apply it with my fingers just right after cleansing my face :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  2. Really great picks here! I would swap bronzer for eyeliner, I wear it everyday and it just gives a more polished look to my makeup I think! x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula


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