Monday, 16 February 2015

What I Worry About When Blogging!

Last night, I sat down with brew in hand to think and plan his weeks blog posts. I first started blogging quite a while ago now however I have only really got into it properly the last 6 months or so. When I first started out I would post whenever I liked, there was no consistency and I noticed my blog wasn't growing as fast as others I was following. Even though this is just a hobby for me, I came to realise (and I am not afraid to admit) that I do actually want my blog to do well in the feature, and that its not going to happen if I don't work hard to get what I want. Which brings us back to last nights planning, I was thinking of all the things that go around in my mind when I am planning a post which sometimes gets me more worked up than it should.

I have always been a worrier, I get easily worked up about the smallest things however people do tell me its only showing how much I care about something, which I suppose it is true. When I am writing a post so many questions go through my mind about how good its going to turn out, it seems so silly to think I actually fret about my posts, but I'm sure everyone questions something when they are about to push the publish button. I thought it would be a little bit of a different post, for people like myself to share what I question about myself when I'm blogging.

Is my content good enough? I like to do reviews on products which I have been using and share my experiences however I don't have an in depth knowledge of every product. I read so many blogs where peoples knowledge is so high of the products they are reviewing. I can only write about my personal experience and sometimes worry that isn't really enough. I hope for people to learn something new or to help them get I feel and understanding of a product from my posts.

How do I come across in my writing? I see my blog as if it is a diary, which is why I like to write it as if I am speaking it out loud. I do wonder does it come across as poor quality and should it be more professional. I was never the best at English it school and I'm sure my text could be very much improved however that is how I find it easiest, to talk to you.

Picture quality? I am not professional photographer however I do have a good camera which I think has made my blog look more professional. The one thing that draws me to a new blog is it pictures. When I am doing makeup posts especially I am so picky when it comes to choosing which ones I will post. Some bloggers get so creative with their pictures however I don't own any kind of photoshop program which means I cant alter my pictures, I do question the quality sometimes. 

How often should I post? This was actually a new years resolution of mine to come up with a new blogging schedule, however it is still driving me insane. I first wondered if I should post every day but to be honest firstly I would really struggle for time and I don't want my blog to feel rushed. If there was a new post everyday I only have one day to get as many people as possible to read it and as I don't have a huge following that would be really hard. Therefore I am tending to stick to Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and an extra one at the weekend. This gives me an extra day that that post is at the top of my feed giving me chance to share it with more people. 

It does take a lot of hard work to blog and I think these questions running around in my mind only make me feel more passionate about what I am writing and sharing with you. At the end of the day I can only be me, I wouldn't want to come across as a different person for the sake of my blog. Hopefully this post was helpful for some of you, please share if you feel like this sometimes too.

Zoe x  




  1. I can totally relate, I am a worrier as well but in the last couple of moths I've become more confident with myself and my blogging. I can only be myself so I shouldn't constantly compared myself to others. Of course I want to improve my photography, my writing skills, come up with interesting content and these are my goals but in the meantime I just want to enjoy this hobby of mine and be myself. I'd love my blog to become successful but that's hard work and it won't happen overnight so while following my dream and hoping for the best I try to enjoy what I'm doing, how many lovely people I'm meeting through blogging and how my passion for makeup has developed. I've only discovered your blog but really like what you're doing so well done! And don't worry that much :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Thankyou so much! I know i will get better with time and practice. I think the main thing is to just be yourself :) x

  2. I can relate to this as well lovely. It's such a competitive playing field out there to try and do well but I think you just need to enjoy what you are writing and your personality shines through. I've been wanting to start blogging for months but I was scared of failing and for it not to be successful but figure out I was failing by not trying!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad I'm not the only who thinks this sometimes :) x

  3. I relate to this so much!! I always worry about the content of my blog, so it's really good to see that other people worry too! Just try to enjoy what you put on your blog and please yourself not others!! x


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