Monday, 23 March 2015

5 Benefits Of Using Cream Products!

Cream products are becoming so popular now and can be used for almost anything. For any powder product that can be used on the face weather its contouring, blusher, eye shadow, bronzer or eyebrow product,
there is a cream version out there. I personally love to use cream products as much as I can however I find some people tend to stay clear. They aren't as tricky or as messy as you may think and in most cases I find they help me out quite a lot. I thought I would share a few benefits of using cream products to maybe encourage more people to use them, and if you have any to add please share below.

1. Easy to blend and control - Cream products are really easy to blend if you are not that confident and also easier to erase if you get it wrong. They are easy to control with more tricky work such as the eyebrows as they glide on nicely.

2. They help you get the most out of eye shadow colours - Using a cream base first before shadows can enhance the colour of the shadow immensely. If you are doing a dark smokey eye use a dark cream base to get the most out of the darker shades making it look more sultry. If you are using lighter colours, use a light cream base to make the shadow brighter and really pop.

2. Look most natural - I find using cream products for your base looks most natural. Using cream blushers and bronzers can be less harsh and are perfect for summer time, if you are just starting out wearing makeup and for school.

3. Great base for powders - You don't just have to use creams on their own, they can create a great base for powders so they don't move around or crease, this is especially the case for eye shadows.

4. You can build up onto them - If you want to create a strong contour and highlight, using creams to create it first and then building it up over the top with powders, will make your look much much stronger than if you were to just use a powder. I have a Highlighting and Contouring post here.

5. They can pro-long the wear of your makeup. weather its for your brows, eyes or cheeks, using a cream as a base for anything will make your makeup last a whole lot longer.

Zoe x



  1. I agree, cream products are easier to blend, look more natural, and can be built up with powder to last longer. Great post! ��


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