Tuesday, 21 April 2015

50 Instagram Post Ideas!

Instagram is probably my favourite social media of all. Its hassle free and I love it to promote my work and to become inspired by all the beautiful pictures. Sometimes however I feel I don't have anything worth posting, so here are 50 Instagram post ideas in case it happens to you too:

1. Makeup of the day
2. Latest beauty or fashion purchases
3. Makeup setup
4. Beauty wish list
5. your bedroom d├ęcor
6. Holiday destination/place you have visited
7. Outfit of the day
8. Todays hair style
9. A makeup product you are loving
10. Todays accessories
11. The photo from your latest blog post
12. Weekly favourites
13. Night out outfit
14. Regram of your favourite instagrammer with a tag
15. Favourite hair styling tools
16. Skincare Routine
17. Nails of the day
18. Restaurant/bar you have been to
19. Screenshot of your latest blog post
20. Your blogging tools
21. Where you keep your jewellery and accessories
22. Screenshot of your latest blog layout
23. Your makeup bag
25. Competitions
26. What's in your handbag
27. before and after makeup transformation
28. Todays shoes
29. Your phone case
30. Baking
31. Flowers in your garden/park
32. Your gym outfit
33. Favourite nail varnish
35. Your stationary
36. Home videos
37. Short video of makeup application
38. Video doing your hairstyle
39. Behind the scene photo of where you blog/make videos
40. Family/friends/pets
41. What makeup products you are wearing today
42. Pretty furniture inspiration
43. Your lipstick collection
44. Best products for your skin type
45. Bath bombs or bubble baths
46. Books you are reading
47. Flash backs to old photos
48. How you contour and highlight
49. Beauty hacks and tips
50. Sneak peaks of upcoming blog posts

So they are my 50 Instagram post ideas, I hope they help some of you out and feel free to share more below.

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Zoe x


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