Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My Favourite Lipsticks!

I never got into higher end makeup products until I started to study makeup and build my kit. I had never even stepped up to a mac counter in my life until a few years ago. This post is definately not suggesting that we should all go and splurge out on high end makeup in fact I am a huge fan of the drugstore. By frequently using so many different makeup products I have become to favourite certain formulations or brands for certain products and right now these are my favourite lipsticks. 

I think it would be very hard to find someone who does not have a MAC lipstick in their makeup bag. I wouldnt describe them as super expensive as they last me personally a very long time however I no not everyone can go out every weekend and buy one. I have tried many many lipsticks in the past however I feel quite often they are a waste of time, either they only lasy two minutes before I need to touch up, they are not as pigmented as the look in the pakaging or they are uncomfortable on the lips. I have a few MAC lipsticks now and out of all the different brands in my collection I always tend to pick out these. 

They come in different finishes from matte to a more sheen finish lipstick. I find them really long lasting, especially the matte ones I very rarely have to re-apply on a night out. They have very high pigmentation, I love the bright ones as they are so vibrant. I also think they are really comfortable, I do always apply lipbalm before hand too. I much prefer to spend a little more on a product I am more happy with and that I know I will get better use out of.  I think these are a really good quality lipsticks and the colour range is so vast there is a perfect shade for everyone. What are your favourites?

Zoe x


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