Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Kit!

If you follow my blog you will know that on Friday I had a little shopping spree, if your interested in what I brought I will leave a link to that here. One of my favourite purchases was this brush kit which I picked up from Boots. Even though I have had this less than a week I have used it non stop, they have been my go to makeup brushes for my recent makeup looks.

This is the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Kit. It comes with four beautiful makeup brushes and also this really handy case which you can also make into a stand. From left to right the brushes included are:

Contour brush: Possibly my favourite and most versatile of all of them this contour brush is perfectly shaped to sculpt the cheekbones and blend product into precise areas. Because of its smaller size I also like to use this to apply my blusher and highlight. It blends the product really evenly and works great with liquids, creams or powders.

Pointed Foundation Brush: This is a great foundation brush for building up coverage I like that its smaller size and the pointed shape makes it really easy to get into all areas of the face. I like to also use this to apply my concealer for highlighting as I can really build it up and be very precise with it.

Detailer Brush: This is such a handy brush to have with your bag. Its perfect for pin point concealing, or to use as I lip brush. I also like to use this for helping with the detail of eye makeup weather it is for using pigments or precisely applying eye shadows. 

Buffing Brush: A lovely brush for applying your base, you can sheer out product or build up for a more full coverage, it also blends products really easy and is a staple for anyone's makeup bag.  

I absolutely love this brush kit, each brush works lovely with products and work so well with liquids, creams or powders. They are really easy to clean and they can all be used for multiple things too. Not only are these great for more precise makeup application, they are also great for beginners who are new to makeup as the shape of the brushes really help you out. The case is really handy also to keep them protected and to travel with. What are your favourite makeup brushes?

Zoe x 



  1. I love these brushes, especially the contour brush but don't ever use the foundation brush, I might try to use it with highlighting concealer like you do :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. yea it is a little small for all over foundation I think xx

  2. I love this set of brushes. I use the pointed foundation brush to apply face masks :)


    1. Good idea, I never would have thought of that xx



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