Friday, 10 April 2015

TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray!

When it comes to my hair I am the least fussy person ever, you would be lucky to find more than 3 hair products in my draw. I tend to stay away from hair products as there is nothing worse for me than the feeling of product in my hair, plus I rarely find a product which actually works. For me it is super low maintenance, I shampoo, condition and then I use this.

This is the TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray. I have naturally very curly and long hair which meant it can be hard to keep looking shiny and healthy. I have tried endless products for styling curly and straight hair however I find I have to wash it straight away again as I can feel the product in my hair and it irritated my scalp. I first started to use this around 9 years ago... yes 9 years! when I first started to straighten my hair at around 14. I don't know why I have only just decided to show you my love for it, I guess I'm just not a hair person.

It is very important to protect your hair against heated tools you may use on it as it can make your hair become dry and brittle especially at the ends.

This heat protection spray protects you for up to 230oC, which I would say is the top end for most heated products like straighteners and curling wands. After I have washed my hair I spray this all over while it is still damp then comb it through. I will then dry it in my usual was then either leave it curly or straighten it.

What I love about this product is that you don't feel any product at all in your hair however it is still doing the work. When I have dried my hair its not irritated or looking greasy, you cant feel it in your hair at all. My hair is glossy and shiny and with having long hair I have never suffered with damaged ends. I do also find it helps with the styling of my hair, when I straighten it, it stays straight for days. When I leave it curly I have healthy curls with no frizz. It is one product I actually feel works and it is pretty inexpensive too. It is a holy grail product of mine and has been for many years and I don't tend on changing it any time soon. what are your favourite hair products? 

Zoe x


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