Sunday, 12 April 2015

Understanding Colour Correction!

If you haven't noticed already colour correcting is becoming more and more popular at the moment. Colour correcting products are coming out in all different products and formulations and if that's not bad enough, if you don't actually understand what colour correcting is or what it means, how do you know you are buying the wright products? or if you are buying products you don't actually need?

I want to make this post as simple and easy as possible, therefore a very easy way to look and understand colour correcting is by looking at a simple colour wheel. If you look and study your face in the mirror and find you have a the pigmentation or undertone of a certain colour to your skin, you need to use a corrector of the opposite shade in the colour wheel to neutralise it. The most popular colour correctors when it comes to cosmetics are: Green, Yellow, Orange and Purple, so these are the ones I am going to explain to you further.

Green: A green corrector is used to neutralise any redness, therefore if you suffer with red pigmentation which many do on the cheeks and nose area, you could use a green based primer to neutralise this before applying your base. A green based concealer, usually in cream form is very helpful to conceal spots and blemishes by cancelling out the redness first before applying a concealer over the top of it.

Purple: A purple corrector is used to cancel out any yellow undertones to your skin. If you do suffer with a more yellow sallow undertones to your skin using a purple based primer will really brighten and add a lovely glow to your face.

Orange: Orange undertones in a concealer are perfect for those under eye circles. Study your under eyes and if your circle undertones are more blue, a more orange concealer or corrector is for you, You can use a corrector before applying your under eye concealer as it will help to cover and brighten the area more. 

Yellow: This is also a perfect corrector to use around the eyes. If you suffer with under eye darkness which is more of a purple undertone, this is perfect for brightening highlighting that area. Its also very useful conceal veins.

It can be very hard to decide or understand what colour correction you need, as it will all depend on your skin tone and also if you have more warm or cool undertones to your skin. However with these basics you can study your face and get an idea of what you may be looking for. I hope this was helpful for some of you!

Zoe x    


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