Friday, 15 May 2015

5 tips when feeling uninspired!

We all have those weeks where we encounter the 'bloggers block'. I definitely  have those times where I feel very uninspired and don't feel I have anything worthy to post. I hate the thought of just putting up any old review or something quite random to what my blog is about. You feel as long as there is something up your safe, then regretting it a few days later when you finally admit to yourself after having next to no views that you have actually let your blog down by posting content which it not up to scratch. I think in some cases its better not to post at all than forcing something when your heart isn't really in it. At the moment I feel like I am going through one of these stages and its just one of those things we have to get on with, therefore to make us all feel a bit better here are 5 tips for when we are lacking a bit if inspiration!
1. Buy Magazines - I am not a magazine reader at all however when I feel a little uninspired, I buy a few fashion magazines and flick through for ideas for blog post. They are full of ideas when it comes to beauty and fashion, what is in and what is not. I also love to look at all the different colours and pictures, how they position products etc. Everything is all so eye catching everything there will sure be something that will trigger a blog post idea.
2. Start to research for new blogs to follow - I used to only follow a small number of blogs however I have gained so much more inspiration from following more bloggers. There is so much to be learned from one another.
3. Instagram - I am such an Instagram nerd. It is my favourite social networking sight and is also where I get a lot of inspiration for my makeup posts. I also like to pic out tips for photography and picture editing too.
4. Take a break - Blogging can become a little intense sometimes and its so easy to get into that spiral of feeling pressured to get a post up, and if your not feeling very motivated taking a little break could be the best thing. Even just a week or two can give your mind a little break and help you find the fun and pleasure again which you get from writing.
5. Spring Cleaning - Yes strange I know but nothing gets me more motivated than having a really good organise! Spring cleaning the house, my room or getting all my makeup out and cleaning it and sorting it has triggered the thought of blog posts many times. It frees your mind and you feel so much better about yourself when its done, this is sure to give you inspiration.  
I hope some of these tips help you become a bit more inspired and I will definitely be using some of these to help myself out too!
Zoe x 


  1. Great advice , thanks I especially agree with the follow other bloggers tip. I have just joined bloglovin. It's a great way to follow & keep up to date with your fav bloggers. Are you on bloglovin atall? :)

    1. Thankyou :) yes i am on bloglovin hun are you? Xx

  2. Love this post! :) Some great advice given. x xo


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