Tuesday, 12 May 2015

How To Create A Blog Comment Signature!

Today is a bit of a different post, I am in no way a wiz at computers or blogging however I recently learned how to do something I have been wanting to do for ages which I want to share with you. For months I have been wondering how to create a signature when I am commenting on other blogs with a link back to my site.

After trying may different things and failing and getting confused I finally found something that worked for me. It is really easy to create and its so handy to use so that other people can find your blog and you can also visit other peoples when they leave you comments too.

So when you would normally leave a link in the comments it may look like:

However you can create a nicer looking one like this:

Zoe Mountford x

This is what my signature looks like when I post a comment and it links back to my site.

Here is the code which I used to create it:

<a href='YourBlogURLHere'>TextHere</a>

To use this code where it says 'YourBlogURLHere' You would simply copy and past the URL to your blog homepage here. This is where you want the link to take them too, you don't have to use your homepage you can link to specific posts if you like however this just keeps it more simple.

Where in the code it says TextHere this is where you write the text you want to be displayed. So here is mine for example:

<a href='http://zoemountford.blogspot.co.uk/'>Zoe Mountford x</a>

You then need to copy and paste this code into a word document or keep it in a draft post then simply copy and paste whenever you leave someone a comment.

It is so easy to do and much prettier than just leaving your URL as a link. I no this works in Blogger however I am not fully sure on other blogging networks so let me no how you get on!

Zoe x



  1. I have wanted to know how to do this for SO long!

    Thanks! :)

    Lauren Jade xo

  2. Nice tips, It's a helpful information.
    Now I'm trying to do it



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