Thursday, 11 June 2015

4 Ways I Get Post Ideas!

It can be a task if you are a regular blogger, to come up with so many ideas for interesting blog posts, especially if you are writing every day. I post 3-4 times a week and even I struggle sometimes. It is one of my goals to be one of those bloggers who have there posts ready months in advance of posting... how I envy you! I am so un-organised I would be lucky to have a weeks worth ready. Well lets get back to the point anyway, todays post is just me sharing a few ideas of how I come up with my blog post ideas, if you have any different ones of how you come up with yours please share them too!

- First off I like to Brainstorm, I find if I write what looks like a lot of jumble down on a piece of paper I start to think of lots of different posts I want to write, or different makeup looks I want to create. By brainstorming I can also see what order they would go in too. Bare in mind I am in no way neat at all, when I think of brainstorming I see neatly written ideas categorised in different colours etc... However when I do it its literally just scribble with a biro!

- I also like to read forums and take part in twitter chats, this gets you talking to your potential audience and you can get an idea of what they enjoy reading, or would like to see.

- I flick through Instagram a lot looking at lots of makeup pictures, this helps me come up with makeup post ideas which I really enjoy doing. They also encourage me to try thinks I would never normally try.

- I also look on the calendar, is there anything significant about the date/time of the year which a post may be relevant for? Maybe I have an occasion or I am going somewhere which could also be a potential blog post.

So there are a few ways I get my ideas for blog posts, don't forget to share yours too!

Zoe x

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  1. Great advice ...I know that unorganized feeling well!!! Lovely blog though. X

  2. I love this post, I constantly go through stages of feeling super motivated and full of ideas into a slump of not really having any direction. It's such a pain. Don't worry though, my brainstorming is exactly the same as yours. I'm pretty sure I've actually struggled reading what I've wrote in the past because I just get so carried away adding ideas onto ideas and it just becomes one big smudge haha!
    Have a fab day sweetie,
    Kim x And On That Note She Wrote|Bloglovin

  3. Great ideas! I've definitely suffered from bloggers block before so will be using these tips!

    Lauren Jade xo

    P.S Already following you on bloglovin... my link is above if you fancy taking a look :)

  4. I only blog once a week, so I don't really have this problem as much as others. Brainstorming is one of my favourite ways of thinking up new posts, but I also like to carry around a notebook in my handbag and any time I think of a new post I pop it down in there!!


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