Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Four Summer Blushers!

If there is one thing at the moment I like to collect, it is definitely cheek products. I have so many bronzers and blushers and I find I always stick to the same groups for different times of the year. Through this summer I find I am always reaching for these four, I like to mix between the different finishes and the shades are perfect for this time of year. 

First is the Revlon Highlight Palette in Rose Glow, I love this for summer time as it is a blusher/highlight which gives you a wash of colour with a beautiful shimmery glow. It is a perfect two in one product and all the different shades look so lovely all mixed together. 

Next is the Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in Soft pink. I have the tester size here. This is also a blusher/highlighter there is a matte segment and an illuminator segment, they look lovely mixed together but you could also use them separately which I like. Its another typical shade for summer time which I do find to be a little more sheer which I prefer with illuminating blushers. I really like this one as it is not a very shimmery highlighter, it gives more of a subtle natural glow to the skin rather than a very glittery shimmery highlighted effect.

Third is the Illamasqua powder blusher in Lover. This is a matte blusher in a beautiful soft apricot shade. This looks so beautiful for every day makeup, and I like to wear this mostly if I am not wearing much eye makeup. If it is really sunny outside I tend only to do my base and leave the eyes as they are so sensitive especially in the sun. As it is so pigmented, this gives a beautiful pop of colour and brightens the face, as an alternative to wearing anything on the eyes. I think this shade is also really lovely for those who are very fair skinned too, which you could wear all year round.

Finally the L'oreal blusher in Sandalwood pink. This is one of my favourites for summer nights out, especially if I have a tan. It is the darkest out of the four and not completely matte. The more rose tone really suits my skin when its more tanned and when I wear more of a going out style makeup. I like that it is still a summery shade but deep enough to go with smokey eyes etc. I have done a review on it here, which you can also read.

So they are a few of my favourite blushers for summer time, don't forget to share yours too!

Zoe x

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  1. I love the L'Oreal face powders, they are very under rated!


    1. Yea, I never see anyone using them really x

  2. Beautiful post my dear!!! This is my new post Welcome! )

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