Friday, 11 September 2015

How To : Applying False Eyelashes!

We all wear or have worn false lashes at some point in time however are they always worth the fuss? Personally I love false lashes, I think they look great with full glam makeup look and more natural ones worn on their own look so pretty for day time. However it has taken me a long time to perfect my application of the false lash, I have known them ruin the start of a nights out when they just don't want to co-operate.

I only usually wear my false lashes when I am filming my makeup tutorials or going to a special occasion, as when I am not doing any of these I am pretty low maintenance. However some people are really put off using wearing them as they can be temperamental at times. Here are a few tips of mine to help with a fuss-free eyelash application.

1. Always measure them against your eye first. This is really important as every ones eyes are different shapes and sizes. If you need to trim them now is the time to do it!

2. Trim from the outside edge. If you need to trim your false lash to fit your eye always trim from the outside. You don't want to trim from the inside where the shortest lashes are as if you cut these away you will loose the shape of the eyelash and it wont look as natural.

3. Apply the glue to your lash and leave until it is really tacky. Waiting at least 30 seconds or more until its almost dry is the best time to apply your lash. The glue is nice and tacky and you have the most control so it wont slip and slide everywhere.

4. Try not to apply too much glue to the false eyelash... you need much less then you think.

5. Use tweezers to apply them. This has saved me so much mither when applying my false lashes, I use the tweezers to apply the lash on top of the natural lashes then pull into place. I have so much more control plus I don't into a mess with the glue getting stuck to my fingers.

6. Don't apply the lash too far into the inner corners. This can cause irritation and is un-comfy when you blink, this is where trimming them helps.

7. If you are re-using false lashes, make sure they are clean of any old glue and makeup, this will help them glue on better and increase the amount of times you can re-use them.

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  1. I love applying false lashes but never have been able to do it with tweezers x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | My YouTube

    1. I never used to but once I started I find it so much easier x

  2. I love how false eyelashes make my eyes look brighter and bigger, but it's a skill I need to practice a lot to get good at! Thanks for the tips, I'll try these out!
    -Lily from

    1. Thankyou! it does take some trial and error but its worth it x

  3. I love all the tips! I am just now starting to wear strips. Individuals had always been my thing because they just seemd easier but this will be helpful for the transition.

    Alicia |


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