Friday, 27 November 2015

How To: Creating Your Perfect Contour!

anastasia beverly hills contour kit

I am sure by now that non of us are strangers to a little contouring, when strobing arrived on the scene over spring/summer of this year we were all wondering if this my mean the end of the makeup craze. Although having our highlight on fleek is important, I think contouring has come back with a bang and is definitely here to stay, therefore we need to make sure we are doing it right!

1. Pick a contouring shade two shades darker than your foundation, you can use a cream or powder.

2. Go matte! Always use a matte shade for contouring, we want to create a shadow therefore any shimmer will draw attention straight to that area.

3. Use a tapered ended brush. Using a smaller brush will help you apply the product directly to the area you want to contour, you have more control to create shape and structure.

4. Don't just contour one area of the face. If you contour you cheeks, always go around other areas like the forehead and jawline to even everything out.

5. Use your bronzer to blend out your contour. After you have contoured go over and around the edges with bronzer to blend it out. This ensures it looks a lot more seamless and blends from contour to bronzer then blush with no harsh lines.

I hope you found these tips helpful, please share yours too!

Zoe x



  1. Really nice tips even though, I'm not a fan of contouring!

  2. does sleek contour kit do the same ?


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