Friday, 4 December 2015

10 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

Beauty Hacks

I love a good beauty hack, and I have come across so many lately. If it saves me time and especially money I am definitely down for trying it out!

1. Make your lipstick last all day by pressing a tissue over them and dusting with powder.

2. Use a white eyeliner as an eyeshadow base to get the best colour pay off from you eyeshadows.

3. Mix a little bit of peppermint/cinnamon oil into you lipgloss for a nice plumping boost.

4. To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth put our finger into your mouth then pull out.

5. Mix clear nail polish with your choice of loose pigment to create your custom colour.

6. Use an eye drop or two to revitalise your dried up gel eyeliner or mascara.

7. Cracked compact? Pour in a few drops of rubbing alcohol, press back together with the back of a spoon then leave over night to dry.

8. Mix corn starch with your favourite with nail polish for a matte finish.

9. Make any lipstick matte by pressing translucent powder over the top.

10. Streaky tan? Mix lemon juice with baking soda and have a toothbrush at hand to fix any unwanted fake tan marks and streaks from your hands, wrists and feet.

I hope you find these tips helpful guys!

Zoe x

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  3. all have been tried and tested by me, so yes they work! not always the case with hacks sometimes.

    1. yes its not always the case I have had some disaster ones x

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