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How to get what you want at the makeup counter : etiquette

makeup counter etiquette
Shopping at the makeup counter can be a daunting task and often a very expensive one. Especially when it come to high end beauty we are often too afraid to ask for help or end up purchasing everything from the counter except the one product we went in for. Following these make counter etiquette tips you can finally enjoy your shopping experience and get what you want at the makeup counter and even save money in the long run. 

1. Have some idea of what you are shopping for. Are you feeling a new lipstick or foundation? It doesn't have to be a specific product however if you have something in mind this will set you up for coming home with a product you actually want.

2. Don't brush off the welcome. If you start to browse a makeup counter you will be greeted with the "hello, is there anything I can help you with today?" Then how many times do we shoot this down with "No I am ok thank you, I am just looking" Oh how we lie! Really we are thinking, "I actually have no idea what I am doing or looking for" while aimlessly walking around staring at the hundreds of makeup products pretending there is isn't anything this person could possibly tell me which I don't already know! Come on, don't pretend this isn't you, If the help is offered... take it!

3. Don't be afraid to ask for help. If its not damaging your ego you are worried about but actually feel uncomfortable asking for help, overcoming this step can completely change your shopping experience. It may be daunting walking up to that lady at the makeup counter who is beautiful, has perfect makeup and may as well have jumped straight out of a magazine but trust me, she wants to help you. Especially if you are a novice to makeup, asking the experts will not only find you the perfect beauty products you wanted but you are also going to gain a ton of confidence and knowledge too.

4. Be sure of your purchase. Before you leave the counter be sure you know exactly how to use what you are purchasing. The amount of times I have complained about a product when it is actually me who is using wrong! For example if you are purchasing a new eyeshadow palette you want to know, how to prep the eyes before hand, what tools work best to apply them, and what groups of shades work together best to create different looks.

5. You are allowed to say no. So you pop to the makeup counter to pick up a new foundation and before you know it you have the primer, the brush to apply it, the complementing setting powder and an eyeshadow palette from their new collection! You will always be shown these types of products whilst makeup shopping, sometimes it can feel a little pushy however, you are in control of the purchase, so don't be afraid to turn down products you weren't intending to buy, ask for a sample instead to try.

6. The free makeover etiquette. Nothing is free in this world though will we ever learn? If you are offered a free makeover, though there is no written rule, you are expected to purchase two or three of your favourite items used to create the look. Its only polite really.

Did you like these makeup counter etiquette tips?

Zoe x

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  1. Love this post. I'm always up for a free makeover though! xx
    Glossy Boutique

  2. First of all, just found your blog and love it! Great tips and so funny... I always feel so awkward at Sephora or the beauty counter! But I loveeeee browsing!!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

    1. Thankyou so much Dana, yes I am a browser too xx

  3. great post - I always end up buying way more than I planned on doing, I'm a complete sucker for it!

  4. these are such great tips--i know that sounds like a generic statement, but these really are good!! great advice.

  5. Saying no is definitely the hardest, but you just have to stand with conviction if there's something they suggest but you don't need. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Yes I find it really hard to say no, I usually ask for a sample instead now x

  6. I'm so horrible because I always say I don't need help at first but then I realise that I actually do need assistance. Ha, then I feel a bit silly about asking them for help after saying "no, thanks" a minute before. :P

    Ree xx

    1. I am the same! I feel stupid asking for help then I end up buying the wrong thing x

  7. hahaha you had some good points here :]


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