Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Essie Nail Polish Tart Deco Review!

Essie Nail Polish in Tart Deco

Having been a nail biter since I was young, nail products have never really interested me. I have never wanted to paint them as they have never been nice enough, I would never want to draw attention to my nails, until now! I have been completely free from nail biting for over 6 months now, it has been such a hard habit to kick, however now I finally have nice nails I can spend time making them look pretty. I have recently been wearing this nail polish I received in a press package and I think it is the perfect nail colour for spring and summer. 

This is the Essie Nail Polish in Tart Deco, I am quite new to nail polish therefore have not tried many different brands (I have been living under a rock I know) so Essie is completely new to me. They are more on the pricey side than other popular brands however it has been interesting to test the quality. Lets talk about the shade first, Tart Deco is a beautiful coral, I like that it is not too neon however it does stand out to give a pop of colour. When you first apply this nail polish it looks more on the peachy pink side however once dried it is the perfect coral, and how doesn't love coral at summer time? I love to wear this shade over summer and on holidays as it looks stunning when you have more of a tan, I find  coral shades really enhance your colour and make you look a lot darker too, which is definitely what a pale girl like me needs!

Essie Nail Polish in Tart Deco

Now on to the packaging, Essie has its signature packaging, their clear bottles with simple logo are all over Instagram and PinterestI like the white top too as I think it helps enhance and show the true colours of the polishes. The style of the applicator brush is my favourite when is comes to nail polishes. A flat brush rather than round helps me with control and the rounded tip which fits the shape of the nail is amazing for neatness. If you are a complete nail novice like me this type of applicator is so helpful, I can paint my nails easily instead of getting extremely messy.

Essie Nail Polish in Tart Deco

Formular wise I do really like it, one con I found is that I do have to apply three coats to achieve an even coverage. After two coats the polish still looks a little patchy and streaky which I wouldn't have expected from a more expensive brand, this could of maybe be because I don't apply a base coat though? The drying time is quick, even with three coats and I loved this finish. This nail polish dries evenly with a nice sheen and looks really beautiful on the nails, it is hard wearing too, which is a top factor for me when it comes to nail polish. I would definitely purchase more shades, as they are a little more pricey than I would usually go for, I would stick to purchasing signature shades which I will wear constantly so, nudes, greys and peachy shades are all on my list. 

I am really enjoying this Essie nail polish and happy to add another brand to my collection. Tart deco will be my go to shade this summer, I think is will complement so many of my outfits and summer accessories. Now I can practice painting my nails more too! 

Zoe x

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  1. Ahhh this is such a lovely spring shade!

  2. this colour is so my cup ot tea!

  3. You're right! It's the perfect coral while still being subtle, perfect for spring. xx



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