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Lifestyle Goals For Summer/16

Lifestyle Goals For Summer/16
This year has been a real turning point for me, I am taking huge risks and working incredibly hard to achieve lifetime goals. As I am getting older I feel my lifestyle starting to change and evolve, and I am having to think more like a grownup now. I am turning 25 this summer and for me that is a milestone age, feeling a little like I am at a crossroads I do have things I want to achieve or change about my lifestyle this summer. 

1. Work out - This maybe a little bit of a cliché however I have always led a very active lifestyle and have always exercised regularly. Due to circumstances changing I have been slacking and I can definitely feel this in myself and my body. I have got back into working out the last couple of weeks and I am determined to carry this on into the summer, not only to get back into shape but also to feel more productive and motivated

2. Take a summer holiday - I have not been on holiday since my trip to Australia a few years ago, though I feel nothing will ever compare to that amazing vacation, I am ready for a break now. I think it is important to take time away from normal life and relax, it energises me and makes me feel more inspired when I get home. 

3. Explore the UK - This summer I want to take time to visit more places in the UK. Having been born here I bet I could count the places I have actually visited on one hand, which is shameful! There are so many beautiful places and amazing activities to do in the UK I would love to travel around more. 

4. Evolve my blog - I have felt the vibe of my blog changing the past few months, and I feel like it is starting to come into its stride now. Though my makeup tutorials are my babies, fashion posts have always been something I have wanted to include more of and I also have the urge to write more lifestyle posts too. I am a little older now and feel I am going through more life experiences which I can relate to and share with you plus maybe give you some help along the way.

5. De-stress with social media - Social media can be hard work especially in the blogging world, being great networking tools and a way to show off your style, it may sound extreme to say... It can easily take over your life. I personally love social media, my Twitter and Instagram are very important to me however I don't necessarily need to use them as much as I do. I think organisation is key to being able to de-stress, I want to start using scheduling tools, organising photographs, and setting times for using social media. Though social media is an important tool, there can times they distract me from my work and real life so getting my Twitter and Instagram especially into a schedule I will feel much more relaxed and have more free time. 

6. De-clutter my wardrobe - As I am excited to create more fashion posts, I don't think I could possibly fit any more clothes into my wardrobe. I am not a constant shopper, I am extremely money conscious therefore I will only have a shopping spree once in a while (hence the lack of haul posts on my blog) however I have ended up with mountains of clothes and accessories I am never going to wear. To make way for the new I must get rid of the old, so I plan on letting quite a lot of my closet go, I have few bits I wish to auction off however most will go to charity to a better home. I suppose I do hoard a little when it comes to clothes and makeup, however I do actually like getting rid of things too, its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 

7. YouTube - I have recently started a YouTube channel which is very daunting to me, and I want to use this summer to get to grips with my channel and explore ideas for videos. I am hoping that not only will my channel help you get to know me better and interact with you all, but also help give me a boost with my confidence to! 

8. Be more spontaneous - My last goal for summer/16 is to be more spontaneous, I am definitely a home bird at heart however I do need to get up and go when the opportunity arises. Weather it is something with my friends or work, instead of coming up with excuses, or that I am doing something (which I know can wait), I need to get over my fear of the unknown and go for it

I hope you have enjoyed my lifestyle goals for summer/16, please feel free to share your goals too. 

Zoe x 

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  1. These are great goals! I'm also trying to exercise more and improve my blog x

  2. Okay that top is everything and is giving me Harry Style feels. I've been feeling a vacation lately too! I don't even know when the last time I've been on an actual vacation. I can relate to all of your goals. They are all really great! xo

    McKenzie |

    1. Aw thankyou so much McKenzie, I have never wrote a post like this before so that really means a lot xx

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  4. Awesome post. x

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