Monday, 1 August 2016

Blogging Accessories With CaseApp!

Marble I Phone and Laptop Case

Marble is every bloggers favourite design, we use is for backgrounds and props in our blog photos, it is definitely a pattern which makes everything look fresh and chic, maybe most importanlty nowadays, very Instagram Friendly! I was recently given the opportunity to give my most important blogging essentials a little makeover and of course marble is the design I chose. 

CaseApp is an online site where you are able to design your very own custom phone case and laptop skin, I have never used a website like this before so when I was offered the chance to try it out and choose a couple of items to share with you I was so excited. When it comes to designing your custom case/skin honestly the possibilities are endless, there are designs to chose from to start you off or if you are feeling more creative you can start with a complete blank canvas. I found the website extremely easy to use, of course I chose the beautiful marble design... I think it is a blogger thing, however you can upload your own photos, play with colour, add text, quotes, images all available on the site. I love how creative you can be and I really had fun playing around with all of the different functions. 

For my I Phone case I chose the design White Perfect Marble, I think this is so stylish I also chose a matte finish too which has a great feel. As I have my phone in my hand constantly I wanted a case which was not too over the top, the white and grey marble effect was perfect for me and will go with all of my other accessories. I am one of these people who will go over and beyond to keep my phone safe, I always use strong cases and this one feels very sturdy. My phone fits perfectly inside and does not move around and it doesn't feel flimsy in the slightest. 

Blogging would be impossible for me without my MacBook Air! To be honest I did not even know you could get a protective skin for them and now mine looks super stylish. I chose the design White Classic Marble not only so it would match my phone though that was a main factor, but as it is a larger surface area I didn't want anything too bold. The skin itself is one large sticker, I thought it may be a little tricky to put onto my laptop however even for someone like me I found it easy. I love the material, it is thick, feels really protective and easy to wipe over to. The marble effect looks really realistic and I am so happy with it, the two together look perfect on my desk. 

My blogging essentials have had the perfect makeover and I am sure they will be making a lot of appearances in my blog photos now! CaseApp have also been lovely enough to offer you guys 20% off your custom case/skin until the 18th August 2016 so use my code ZOE20MOUNTFORD 

Zoe x 



  1. i've worked with them as well and i think they're great, love what you created!

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. I will suggest you to use colourful mandala wall tapestry for blogging. You can simply hang them behind you while doing videos. They will look really beautiful. Will add a new look, I have seen some bloggers using this. They are really good in quality, I bought some for my home decoration. Also really easy to wash and dry. They ship worldwide for free too. <3


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