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Day to Night False Eyelashes | Eyelashes By Invogue

Eyelashes By Invogue

False eyelashes are possibly one of my favourite beauty products and I have a pretty nice collection! I love playing around with different brands and styles, they make a huge difference to your look and there isn't many makeup tutorials where I don't use them. As I also apply makeup on other people not only do I need to feed my own eyelash addiction, I also need to purchase them for others too, meaning I need lots of different styles and plenty of them! I have been a frequent user of We Love Lashes at for some time now and always purchase my falsies from here. I rarely use the drugstore to buy my false eyelashes since using as they never seem to have what I want and their range of brands you just can't compare to this site! They have the best selection of brands and styles AND they offer free 1st class uk shipping, what more could you want? From the whole time I have been using this site I have always had amazing service which is why I will be continuing to build my eyelash hoard from here. 

Recently offered to send me a couple of eyelashes to review which I was so excited about as I knew I already loved the site. Eyelashes by Invogue are a brand I am yet to try, they are super affordable and have a great range of styles. When it came to choosing, I thought it would be nice to try two opposite styles, one natural, more suited for day time and a night time style for those glam nights out. 

Eyelashes By Invoke style 10

The first style I chose where the Invogue Lashes #10 £3.49 they are super pretty and wispy, perfect for everyday wear or for novices wanting a natural lash. I love the style of the mixed short and long lashes which give a fluttery natural look, the lashes also are longer in the middle and shorter at the sides giving a more rounded effect making the eyes look bigger. I don't wear false eyelashes often in the day however if I have an occasion or am doing something a little more special this style is perfect. I like to wear a simple eye makeup with the #10 lashes and as the band is very fine it is easily disguised and comfortable. As they are more rounded I don't wear any winged eyeliner, these lashes are so flattering with plenty of mascara and a minimal makeup look. 

Eyelashes By Invogue style 10

Eyelashes By Invogue 10

Eyelashes By Invogue 09

The second style I chose were the Invogue Lashes #9 £3.49 which could not be more perfect for those glam nights out. Going from short to long in the outer corners these elongate the eyes flaring outward for a super flattering effect. If you love a cat-eye or winged eyeliner which you know is my signature look these lashes are so complimenting. I like to wear these with a more smokey eye, they really add to the effect of a more dramatic makeup look and even though they are a lot longer and fuller than the first ones, the band again is really thin and comfortable. 

Eyelashes By Invogue 09

Eyelashes By Invogue 09

I have really enjoyed wearing the Eyelashes By Invogue, they are really comfortable which is the most important factor for me, I can easily wear these all day and all night. What I also loved is that they are the perfect length for your eyes, I only had to trim the tiniest amount off the #10 and the #9 fitted my eyes perfectly, which means less waste and great for those who are not comfortable with trimming them. They are so affordable and being great quality you could definitely get a few wears to of these too!

Which pair is your favourite? 

Zoe x 



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