Thursday, 8 September 2016

My Brow Routine - Everyday & Glam Time Eyebrow Tutorial!

My Brow Routine, Eyebrow Tutorial

Eyebrows are one feature of the face I never used to be interested in. I never knew how to properly fill them in or realised what an huge change they can make to your face. After A LOT of practice I have finally mastered a routine in which I am happy with when it comes to my brows and a few of you have requested I share how I fill mine in. 

Even without wearing any makeup adding a little product to enhance your eyebrows can create definition and enhance your features making you look a little more "put together" when you are wearing nothing else. Onto wearing a full glam makeup look a defined brow is essential paired with a heavier eye makeup to balance the look. I have two different routines  when it comes to filling in my eyebrows, for daytime I like them to be defined and a little darker therefore I use a precise brow pencil to softly fill them in so they look naturally bolder and frame my face. When it comes to nights out my makeup is little heavier therefore I need to use a little more product to help bring them forward. I use a brow pomade together with a pencil so I can make them a little darker and bolder plus precise and sharp with the pencil. To finish off both routines a brow gel is a must have, I like to brush my brows upwards which makes the hairs look thicker and bushier plus a brow gel locks them in place all day. 

As I have two brows I thought I would show you my techniques for both routines and share what I use for my everyday brows to my "Brows on fleek" brows. I have made it super easy to follow along with me in this tutorial and I hope this gives you some new tips so don't forget to tweet me if it does!

Brow Routine.

Zoe x 

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