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SkinChemists London | Advanced Snail Range Skincare Review

SkinChemists London Advanced Snail Range

Skincare is not a subject I talk often about here on my blog, I don't have a regular skincare routine as I am always switching from different products therefore what I am using will only make an appearence on here if I really like it. For a few weeks I have been enjoying a couple of new skincare products kindly sent to me from SkinChemists London from their Advanced Snail Range collection. 

Before we get onto the products themselves let me give you a little insight to my skin. My skin is very sensitive and dry plus I also suffer from eczema which also appears on my face. Lately I have been suffering from a bumpy texture to my skin mainly across my forehead and chin area, and although I have this texture I don't suffer from major blemishes. I have the rare one pop up every now and again however oiliness or spots just don't happen to me. Being fair skinned and having red hair means freckles are something I am prone to, not understanding the importance of sun protection earlier in life though I am only 25 I do suffer from sun spots also. Overall I am not unhappy with my skin, when I am looking for new skincare the main factors I look for is hydration and long lasting moisturisation to tackle my main issue, dryness. 

SkinChemists London is not a brand I have tried before however being 100% organic and cruelty free, when I was offered to try products from their range I was more than happy to. I no some of you may be wondering and I can tell you also that, yes the word "Snail" is in this ranges title for a reason! Bizarre as it sounds Snail Secretion, derived from the natural defensive liquid secreted by snails, aims to delay premature ageing of the skin, whilst reducing visible age spots and providing protection from free-radical damage. Who new snail secretion had such amazing capabilities? This really intrigued me more and I could not wait to try this out!

Every morning and evening I have been applying the SkinChemists London Advanced Snail Serum 30ml to clean skin. I always opt for a serum before moisturising as I find serums give my skin that extra added boost it needs. Apart from Snail Secretion we also have Osilift, a natural sugar purified from oat extracts, this aims to instantly lift and tighten the skin reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid is also a main ingredient in the snail serum which aims to rejuvenate the skin by boosting natural hyaluronic levels to plump and hydrate the skin. I apply one pump of the snail serum which is plenty to cover my face and neck, I like the texture which is slightly tacky on the skin once applied, however soaks into the skin very quickly. There is also a slight fresh fruity scent which is lovely and not overpowering. 

Over top I have then been applying the Advanced Snail Duo Moisturiser 50ml. Now we have had the anti-aging properties of the serum, from this moisturiser it is all about hydration. With ingredients such as Vitamin E for moisturising and protecting against environmental aggressors, to Coconut Oil to hydrate, repair and soothe. This rich yet light-weight moisturiser feels very soothing and again soaks quickly into the skin feeling instantly hydrating. 

Testing skincare for only a few weeks I know is not a long period of time however using these two products morning and night as part of a new skincare routine, I have noticed a difference. My skins texture has definitely improved, feeling much more soft and even to the touch and the more bumpy areas around my forehead and chin have nearly all gone. I can also see big difference after I have applied my makeup, my skin looks much smoother rather than my makeup emphasising the uneven texture. I have also experienced no sensitivity at all, my skin has been loving these products and no eczema has appeared either. Due to the more tackiness of the Advanced Snail Serum this gives a lovely base for applying my makeup, giving my foundation something to stick to rather than applying to dry skin which is not a great look on me! Since using the Advanced Snail Duo Moisturiser in my night time routine my skin has never felt tight like usual in the mornings. This doesn't just soak into the skin and disappear like others I have tried, when I wake up my face still feels soft and plum. After applying again in the morning I never feel that my skin runs out of hydration or becomes tight during the day. My makeup applies beautifully and honestly looks and feels the same at the end of the day as when I freshly applied it that morning.  

Overall I have been really impressed with these SkinChemists London products, together they make the perfect combination of anti-ageing and hydration. Both products from the Advanced Snail Range retail at £72.00 each which I have never spent on skincare before although I have noticed a great improvement to my skin. I really like the packaging, it is strong but lightweight plus they have a pump applicator meaning they are more hygienic too. I have not noticed any change in the pigmentation of my skin nor to my fine lines just yet, however these you may only see a change with long term use. Keeping moisturised and hydrated are what I look for most in a skincare product and I feel these paired together have kept mine feeling super moisturised and comfortable, being able to feel and see a visible difference in a short space of time is amazing. Together with being 100% organic, cruelty free and feeling beautiful on your skin what more could you want from your skincare?

Zoe x 

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