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My New ASOS Tote Bag For Autumn!

Black asos Tote Bag

Fashion style posts rarely make an appearance here on my blog however they are something I want to start including more of. I wouldn't say I am the most fashionable of people nor do I have a particular fashion style, I am one of those... If I see something I like, I get it, not sticking to any particular trend. 

As I am becoming more interested in fashion and feel a little more confident with all of my body being in front of the camera (rather than just my face), I would like to start sharing what I am wearing, fashion bargains I am finding, basically a little more of me. I am absolutely no camera pro when it came to taking photographs outside, I have so much to learn in the fashion photography department and having to stand in front of the camera is totally out of my comfort zone.
Black asos Tote Bag

When it comes to fashion, accessories are not something I buy excessively, I am no shoe or handbag hoarder. When I buy accessories such as handbags or shoes I purchase them with the intent of long term use, when I purchase a handbag either high end or high street I will wear that baby into the ground, which is why I only have a few in my collection. When I buy shoes they have to be able to be worn with plenty of outfits, not just one specific item, I am often shopping on a budget so like to get my moneys worth out of the items I buy. With beauty I am the complete opposite of the spectrum, I have countless amounts of nude lipsticks and neutral eyeshadow palettes... but they really are all so different, NOT!

Black asos Tote Bag
I recently purchased a new handbag which will be my ride or die over this autumn winter. I have been through the trend of the large oversized handbags and have recently come to find they are pretty impractical, unless I am smuggling sweets into the cinema do I really need to be carrying around a huge bag? I wanted a new handbag which was a practical size and easy to carry, a handbag which was secure, safe and would go with every outfit. After A LOT of internet shopping I finally found this Black Liquorish Tote Bag from ASOS which is exactly what I was looking for plus it was in the sale for only £22.00!

I went for this black tote back as it goes with all of my outfits weather it be more dressy or casual, I also like the gold detailing on the buckle and strap as I am more of a gold person rather than silver. I like the Tote bag style as I can carry this on my arm with the handle which is how I like to wear it, or I use the longer strap to wear it on my shoulder. The size of the tote is perfect for me, I wanted something that was easy to shop and travel with and this never gets in my way. It is the perfect size to keep my purse, makeup, and any other handbag essentials I need. When you open the flap of the bag it has a zip running across the top which I love meaning it is super secure and has two main compartments inside with extras for all of your gadgets. I love how comfortable and lightweight this is to carry and I think it looks really classic and stylish. 
Black asos Tote Bag

Black asos Tote Bag

Today I went shopping so I opted for a comfortable casual outfit to pair with my new tote bag. I recently brought these high-waisted blue moto jamie jeans from topshop which are super comfortable and flattering on my figure, I wore these with a pretty cream boho style blouse from Matalan, similar here. Ankle boots are so comfortable and these black ankle boots with gold detailing, similar here match perfectly with my bag, to finish I wore my Barbour wax jacket pulled in at the waist to add a little shape, similar here.

Similar Black ASOS Tote Bags I like.

Zoe x 

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