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NEW Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara | First Impressions + Review

Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara Review

Mascaras are possibly my most hoarded beauty product, I have pretty long eyelashes fortunately however being fair haired they can become a little invisible. Wearing mascara makes a huge difference to my makeup look and I could easily wear only mascara with no other eye makeup and I would be happy. I feel we are pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to mascara, there are so many different varieties from brands and I am slowly making my way through different ones finding which I like best. Rimmel have recently released their brand new Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara which I was lucky enough to receive last week, today I am sharing my first impressions of the first day wearing it. I also received the Scandaleyes Eyeliner Pens, which from other brands I have not had the best of luck with so I was excited to try these out too. 

The brand new Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara boasts extreme wear and volume and an easy removal, being sweat proof, smudge proof, humidity proof and up to 24 hour wear. What I really like is the wand, I am more of a bristle wand person rather than a plastic wand when it comes to a mascara as I feel they brush through every lash. When I applied the Scandaleyes Reloaded the wand really separated each lash, fanning them out and making them look really full. As I have pretty long eyelashes anyway the overall look was really pretty, my lashes definitely looked full and long. I loved the formula also, for one it was jet black which is what I always look for, I managed to get right down to the roots and this mascara coated every single lash so none of my fair hairs were popping through! I also found it extremely comfortable, if you are looking for an everyday mascara which is super comfortable and won't crumble or transfer during the day this is the one for you. I wore this all day and it never became dry or irritating, I could barely feel anything on my lashes and it was super long wearing. 

One main factor about this mascara is that you are supposed to be able to remove this using only warm water! have you ever heard of anything like this? Being so jet black and long wearing I thought this would be impossible, of course I had to try it out for you which you can see the results in my tutorial down below!
Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara Review

Winged eyeliner is definitely "my thing" so I was excited to try the Scandaleyes Eyeliner Pens which again have up to 24hour wear. I used both pens in my tutorial, the Micro Liner tip, and the Thick'N'Thin a 3D shaped tip to create a thick or thin line, both I found very easy to use! I have never gotten along with other liquid eyeliner pens before, I usually opt or a gel, so I was surprised how nicely these applied. I liked the precision pen best as it was really precise for the wing on my liner. Again I loved how jet black they both are they looked just the same as my gel eyeliner plus they did not move all day.  

I don't want to give too much away for you guys as everything you need to know is in my latest tutorial, I wanted to show you how I apply them, how well they wear and my attempt at removing the mascara using only warm water. 

Have you tried any of these yet? 

Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara Review + First Impressions.

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  1. Their eyeliners are amazing I used them for a few months before it ran dry

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. I will definitely carry on using these, I do love my gel liner but these are so easy to use x

  2. Replies
    1. I have never tired the liners until now I and I really like them x

  3. I wasn't a big fan of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara but I'd like to give this one a try!

    1. The main reason I like it is because its comfy and easy to remove x

  4. I've been wanting to try this range for a while and might just try them out now!

    Isobel x

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