Saturday, 22 October 2016

Skull Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Makeup

Skull makeup Tutorial, Halloween Makeup
Happy Halloween guys! I wasn't planning of creating any Halloween makeup looks this year however I woke up feeling pretty Inspired and was really excited to create something spooky! It would not be Halloween without a grungy skull so in case I don't manage to film any more makeup looks I had to share a skull tutorial!

This looks so effective yet it is a really easy skull tutorial, I have gone through each step so all of you can create this for your halloween parties! If you are looking for halloween makeup inspo or want a cheap halloween costume idea then this is perfect, you can create this makeup look using makeup you already have. Pair this with an all black outfit and you are set!

I really hope you like my halloween skull makeup tutorial and don't forget to tag me in any of your pictures if you re-create it on Twitter and Instagram 

Skull Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Makeup

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  1. This is amazing, you did the cheeks of the skull spot on!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

  2. I love this look! It's effective without being to product-heavy like some tutorials.
    Perfect for a night out. x


    1. Thankyou so much, I wanted to try and keep it as simple as possible xx

  3. Nice article, thank you for the sharing


  4. Wow it's amazing!!! You're really talented!

    | |

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