Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Get Ready With Me | Everyday Hair And Makeup Tutorial!

Get Ready With Me Everyday Hair And Makeup Tutorial

I have not shared a chatty makeup tutorial for a while now, having work done in the house has been so noisy so voice over tutorials have been my only option. I do enjoy chilling and  talking to you of course, I thought the perfect tutorial for today would be a Get Ready With Me! I don't always wear a full glam makeup look, I probably wear more subtle daytime makeup looks than anything else so what a perfect way to catch up than getting ready together. 

Hair tutorials are also something I want to include much more of on my youtube channel, I am practicing and as this is a get ready with me video I thought why not do my hair as well. I love the shades I used today, I don't play with colour too often however I loved the pop of purple and paired with warm tones made this makeup so pretty for an autumn/winters day. 

I hope you like my everyday makeup and hair tutorial and enjoy getting ready with me! Don't forget to come say hi over on Twitter and Instagram too!

Get Ready With Me | Everyday Hair And Makeup Tutorial

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