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How To Get The Best Deals on Cyber Weekend + Where To Shop!

How To Get The Best Deals On Black Friday And Cyber Weekend

Black Friday marks the start of the biggest shopping weekend of the year and it is also when companies make most of their money! In the UK Black Friday and Cyber Weekend have not been around for too long and when we were first introduced to this mass discounted event all hell broke loose! From fights over TVs to scrambles over clothes, this year I feel we are starting to get hang of being better shoppers and getting the best deals with no fuss. This Black Friday I am planning on avoiding the mass panic and being organised and prepared with my shopping list. Cyber Weekend can be incredibly overwhelming trying to find out which stores have the best discounts and where can I find the best deals? well I am no pro when it comes the the black Friday phenomenon however I do have a few shopping tips to help you.

Make That Shopping List.

Black Friday is no time to play around it is key to no exactly what you are shopping for. If you are using this to make headway on your christmas shopping or simply have your eye on a few treats for yourself and want a bargain, making a shopping list is your first step. Higher priced items tend to have the most discount and is where you are bound to save the most money, so make sure Tech items or decor pieces are at the top of your list. If you are shopping for beauty and makeup items, write which shades you are looking for also alternative shades if one you want is not available. Alternatively write your list starting with the items which are most important to you and you absolutely want then head for those first. If you are shopping in store this Black Friday be prepared for A LOT of hustle and bustle, the shops will be super busy so have your list in hand and work down in order so you don't miss anything out! You will be in and out of those shops with military precision. 

Know Which Stores Sell The Products You Are Looking For.

After you have made your shopping list check out which stores sell the items you are looking for and write these down too! Especially when it comes to tech items or beauty items the same brands are usually available in different stores such as department stores. This may help you in deciding the destination of your shopping trip and help you find stock of a product in another store if it is sold out. 

Check Each Of Your Chosen Stores For Their Offers.

A big tip if your are online shopping this Black Friday is if you do have items which are sold in multiple stores check out their websites to see which has the best deal on the items you want. You may find one store is offering more money off that product or you may find better deals with delivery charges on another. Research is key to getting the best deals this cyber weekend so make sure you have a quick scout around first before clicking the checkout button. If you have time this may also help out those of you shopping in store, knowing the best deals means you know which shops to head for first. 

  Are You On The Mailing List.

Cyber weekend is the only time I will actually open those annoying mailing list emails, often companies will send you their black friday deals in advance to let you know what will be on offer, and how much discount there will be. They sometimes also send extra discounts for their mailing list members, so go back into your delete folder to see if there are any offers you have missed or sign up to the mailing lists on websites you are wanting to purchase from this weekend!

Do You Really Need It.

Black Friday and Cyber Weekend are all about us finding bargains and saving money, its not about impulse buying just because something has money off. Concentrate on your shopping list and buy what you know you want. It is incredibly hard not to get carried away with spending especially when offers and discounts will be all you see this weekend. Remember it is about keeping more money in your pocket and finding the best deals for you. 

I hope these shopping tips have helped any of you wanting a little shopping spree this black friday, I will be doing all of my shopping from laptop this time, and yes of course I will share a shopping haul of what I buy! I hope you all have a lovely cyber weekend and leave a comment down below on what you are hoping to buy!

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  1. Making a list is definitely essential for me otherwise I am known to impulse buy ten billion things I do not need! Great tips and round up of deals, really appreciate that. Happy shopping, hope you have a good weekend x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Thank you so much hun! Hope you had a lovely weekend xx


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