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Resolutions & Goals For 2017!

Resolutions & Goals for 2017

I know this won't the first time you are hearing this but I am going to say it, "I can't believe how this year has flown by!" 2016 hasn't been the most amazing year however it hasn't been terrible, I feel I have plodded through not realising where the time has gone. The beginning of a new year always forces me to look back on the last, and of course start planning for the new year to come. 

I thought it would be motivating to look back on last year and also set targets and goals to work towards for 2017

Lifestyle Goals

can't say I got up to much exciting in the past year however I want a few things to change! This may sound like a huge cliche but I want to be more healthier and fitter, I am not saying I am going to completely change my diet or be in the gym 5 times a week however I want to keep up with my exercising and stop reaching for those snacks!

Family and friends are so important to me, this year I want to take more time to spend them. Even if its just over a quick brew its important to keep in touch with all the people close to you, I have a few activities planned already and I am really looking forward to them!

My final lifestyle goal this year is to be more adventurous and motivated, I need to stop thinking so much about things and just do them! I have always struggled a little with confidence though I am learning to push myself and do the things I really love. I don't want to take myself to seriously I want to try new things and experiment with style... I have even recently had purple in my hair! 

Blogging Goals

I started to take my blog a lot more seriously in 2016 and although I won't be a full time blogger any time soon, now I am a little older I want my blog to feel and look as professional as possible. I have concentrated more on the content I have shared with you, and have tried to give as much information as possible especially when it comes to beauty reviews. 

Keeping up the consistency with blogging is very important for me, I now finally have a blogging diary which will help me plan and organise what and when I post. This year I want to include a lot more product reviews and how to posts along with makeup looks so be prepared for plenty of product swatches! 

My main blogging goal for this year is to simply have fun with it, I want my blog to be a somewhere we can all chat and share experiences and tips about makeup and beauty. You have shown a lot of love in my comments so far and I am looking forward to getting to know more of your through 2017!

Photography Goals

My blog photography improved amazingly through 2016, when I look back at early blog posts at the beginning of the year I think to myself "did I really think that was good enough to post". I understand my camera much more and although I have plenty to learn, I can see a huge improvement and that is whats most important to me. 

Photography and blogging go hand in hand and together with posting great content I want to post great photos. Especially in my beauty reviews I want to include more pictures of the products and swatches to give you a real insight to products. The quality of my photos, although I am happy with them right now, can always be improved, bright colourful and stand out photographs are what I am always working towards. 

YouTube Goals

2016 was a huge stepping point for me, I finally started my own YouTube Channel! For years I have wanted my own YouTube channel but as usual kept putting myself down thinking I can't do it. I finally found the confidence to start creating makeup tutorials and I am so grateful for the lovely comments and support from you guys!

As I am only just getting started on my YouTube channel I have endless goals I wish to achieve. For 2017 I want to have a new video go live every Wednesday, (and hopefully some Sundays) I have lots of tutorials planned and I am really excited to get sharing them with you. 

Social Media Goals

Social Media may be a little strange to add into a new years goals post however I am a social media junkie and my Instagram, Twitter etc are very important to me. Throughout 2016 I have revamped my social media profiles and have been trying to regularly post however because I am so unorganised I have slacked off at the end of the year.

Instagram and Twitter other than my blog are the main ways I can share things and get to know you guys, so this year I want to be a lot more lively and post regularly! Im loving twitter much more and I find scheduling my tweets really helps, I have gotten to know a lot of you and found your lovely blogs through here too. 

Instagram is my little baby, it is my favourite social platform and although the new algorithm has had a bad impact on my activity it won't stop me sharing what I love and finding more of you to follow! I want to keep up with regularly posting, and even taking my product photos in advance so I can be on time! I also love the new Instastories feed which I am now on ALL THE TIME it is a little more personal and lets you see the real me so come say hi to me on there.

Resolutions & Goals for 2017

That is the end of all my goals for 2017, I wish you all a very Happy New Year and thank you for lots of lovely comments and messages you have sent me so far, what are your goals for 2017?

Zoe x 




  1. I want to get more organised with my blog too and I definitely need to work on my Instagram - I just can't seem to get to grips with it x

    1. I feel like that to sometimes, best of luck for 2017 hun :) xx

  2. A refreshing post to read! Good luck for 2017 lovely :) xo

    editionemmagrace - Beauty & Lifestyle

  3. I'm the same, I'm always looking to improve my photography skills as well. I feel like blogging is such a perfect outlet for pushing myself creatively and with photography.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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