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January Beauty Favourites 2017

January Beauty Favourites 2017

January Beauty Favourites 2017

I can't believe it is already time for a monthly beauty favourites, I do want to keep up with my  monthly favourites as last year I only managed a handful. I am a little put off doing the monthly favourites as I am not constantly trying new products therefore some months I may not have tired anything new at all! I have decided to not only include new beauty products I have been trying each month but also my most used products from my current beauty collection, as even though they are not brand new to me they may be to you!

 Urban Decay Beached Bronzer Bronzed.

After being on the hunt for the perfect bronzer for my fair skin tone I have finally found my holy grail. Though I do have fairer skin I love my bronzer and I also tan quite a lot, the beached bronzer from Urban Decay is the perfect bronzed tone for me, not being to red or orange I can really build this up making my skin look pretty tanned without looking "too much"! I either find my bronzers are to light or the darker ones are a little to red however this is the perfect in-between. This beached bronzer is super pigmented and bendable even though I wish there was a little more product in the pan. 

Jouer Long Wear Lip Topper Skinny Dip.

I purchased the famous Jouer skinny dip lip topper before christmas however was a little nervous of wearing it as this contains coconut oil which I am a little allergic to. After testing it out on the back of my hand I wore it on the lips and I has so happy I didn't react to it. Not being much of a lip gloss girl skinny dip is the perfect product to achieve that sheen to the lips without the sticky feeling of a gloss. The formula reminds me of a lip cream or a liquid lipstick which doesn't set and the beautiful champagne tone gives a stunning metallic finish to the lips. Though this lip topper doesn't set or dry, it is still very long wearing and I love that is doesn't slide around or bleed either. Skinny dip is super comfortable and you could wear this over any lip product or just to the centre for a pop of highlight.

Lash xo Va Va Voom False Lashes.

False lashes are probably one of my favourite beauty products, I usually always opt for a similar style of lash which are shorter in the inner corners and flare out and become longer to the outer corners which give more of an almond shape to my eyes. I picked up the Lash xo Va Va Voom lashes recently and the shape really caught my eye as they are the opposite of what I usually go for, being shorter in each corner and longest in the middle these give my eyes the most beautiful shape. These lashes make my eyes look really wide and rounded and I love to wear them when I am not wearing any winged eyeliner, they are super flattering and comfortable, you can see me use then in my tutorials here and here.

Real Techniques Blush Brush.

A makeup brush I have had in my collection for so long now Real Techniques is one of my favourite brands. The blush brush is the perfect multi taker and I have been using this for everything from setting my foundation with powder to applying my bronzer, blush and even contour and highlight. The tapered shape of the Real Techniques blush brush means you can use the different edges for different areas for the face, I love how it blends my different products it is so versatile and means I don't have to use as many makeup brushes. 

Percy & Reed Wonder Cleanse and Nourish.

having very dry skin I also suffer with a pretty dry scalp to which I don't enjoy, however after receiving the Percy & Reed wonder cleanse and nourish from my lovely mum my hair care routine has completely changed. Being a cleanser this is much more gentler than using a shampoo and conditioner, the consistency is a cream which you massage into your scalp and comb down into the mid lengths and ends. After leaving this on for a few minutes you simply wash out. This Percy & Reed hair cleanser is so nourishing and soothing on the scalp, I noticed an instant difference after my first wash. Now I barely have dry scalp or dandruff since using the wonder cleanse and nourish! I like to keep this in my hair care routine to maintain a nourished scalp, I use this every other or every two washes as a treatment and would absolutely recommend to anyone who suffers with dandruff and dry scalp.   

What are your favourite beauty products for January?




  1. I love real techniques brushes they are such great quality

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I love the Real Techniques brush, it's so easy to apply and blend products with it! x

    1. It is really nice! I like the buffing brushes to for foundation x

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  7. I love Real Techniques brushes! My fave is the contour brush in the Core Collection. Also, have you tried any other Percy & Reed products? I reviewed the 'No Oil Oil' on my blog, here's the link if you wanted to have a read:

    PS I love the photography on this post!

    Libby x


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