Thursday, 20 July 2017

Dewy Skin And Red Lips!

Dewy skin and red lips makeup tutorial

Dewy skin and red lips makeup tutorial

Illuminated dewy skin is one of my favourite makeup looks for summer, I love wearing illuminating base products which make my skin look healthy and glowing. In today's makeup tutorial I am sharing this dewy skin makeup which is so easy to achieve using only a handful of products to give you a beautiful luminous finish. This makeup look is perfect for summer and holidays where we want to look effortlessly glam. As the dewy skin is main focus of this makeup look I decided to wear no eye makeup today and instead paired my glowing skin with a bold summery red lip. 

All of the products I used to create this makeup look are in the description box of the tutorial, and I really hope you enjoy this glowing summer makeup tutorial. 

Zoe x


  1. Love this look, the red lip suits you perfectly too!

    Anika xo |

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