Wednesday, 4 October 2017

6 Cute & Easy Braided Heatless Hairstyles!

6 cute & easy braided hairstyles

I love experimenting with hairstyles, though I am quite a novice when it comes to styling my hair, I love how an easy hairstyle can quickly switch up your look. I wanted to share 6 easy hair styles which you can achieve in only a couple of minutes, having a braid theme each is a braided hair tutorial which are simple and easy however look like you have put a little more effort in than wearing just your normal ponytail. 

These 6 cute and easy braided hairstyles are all heatless, from a braided ponytail, french braided space buns to fishtail plait pigtails plus a couple of cheat ways to braid if you are more of a novice. These hairstyles are great for back to school or everyday when you don't want to use heated tools or hair products, you can have a pretty Pinterest braided hairstyle in just a couple of minutes!

Which Hairstyle is your favourite?



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