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The Best Affordable Drugstore Makeup Brushes For Beginners & Pros!

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The Best Affordable Drugstore Makeup Brushes For Beginners & Pros

Makeup Brushes are just as important as the makeup you are using, I believe that 'you are only as good as the tools you are using' though finding the best makeup brushes does not have to be expensive. I talk through all of the makeup I use in my tutorials however I often forget to mention the brush I am using to apply it. My makeup brush collection consists of both expensive and drugstore brushes, today we are focusing on my favourite drugstore priced makeup brushes as I wanted to show where you can get great brushes which work amazingly for a more affordable price. 

Beauty sponges are my favourite way to apply foundation the best drugstore version I find is the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge. This beauty sponge blends foundation and concealer effortlessly for a flawless finish. When I don't use the complexion sponge for my base I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (Core Collection) for foundation and the So Eco Multi Tasking Brush for concealer. The bristles on both are very soft meaning they blend out creams and liquids beautifully and easily too, these are great everyday base brushes. The Morphe R7 is a current favourite powder brush, with long fluffy bristles this morphe brush is perfect for powdering or bronzing. It is a pretty over sized powder brush which means you can set your whole face with powder in no time. When it comes to bronzing the Morphe R7 is effortless to use, if you like to go IN with the bronzer like me this brush is the perfect size for bronzing up the skin. A great versatile makeup brush to have in your collection is the Real Techniques Contour Brush perfectly shaped to fit in and around the contours of your face for a sculpted look. Finally finishing off face brushes we have to end on a highlight brush, I love the Spectrum A10 a great brush for highlighting plus it is beautifully colourful, who wouldn't want this on their vanity?      

Moving onto eyeshadow brushes, one I use daily is the Morphe E23 perfect for your transition shades or an all over colour this big fluffy blender is great for everyday. If you are into more detailed eyeshadow work I love the Makeup Geek Defined Crease Brush and Foiled Eyeshadow Brush. The defined crease brush is a great size to fit right into the crease to build up definition and colour, it also blends beautifully. The foiled eyeshadow brush is perfect for packing on pigment and glitters onto the lid, it is flat and shaped to pat product over the lid. My Morphe G28 is my go-to for applying shadow along my lower lash line, being short and flat it is great for more defining work. I also love this for carving out my brows with concealer as it is super precise. Finally my winged eyeliner brush the Zoeva 315 my favourite to creating a super precise wing.

Those are all my best affordable and drugstore makeup brushes for beginners and pros, all are in my video below, have you tried any of these makeup brushes?



  1. The Real Techniques Complexion Sponge is my favourite for applying foundation! Gives you a natural dewy coverage x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

    1. It is lovely isn't it! I'm always telling my friends to use it too xx

  2. I love Morphe and Zoeva brushes too! Great picks xx

    Sincerely, Sarah xx

    1. Thank you! I really want to try a few more from Zoeva, I may invest in a set this christmas xx


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