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KoKo Lashes Eyelash Haul And Review

* These products were very kindly sent to me, all opinions are my own

Koko Lashes Eyelash Haul

KoKo Lashes are fast becoming a favourite false eyelash brand of mine, if you watch my makeup tutorials you will know I wear Queen B's all the time. I love a glamorous comfortable lash to amp up my makeup look and just in time for the Christmas party season have been very generous to send me a few new KoKo Lash styles I have been excited to try.  

Koko Lashes Dashin'

Koko Lashes Dashin'

First off we have Dashin' a super pretty fluffy lash, if you want the glamour without the length these are perfect for you. They are a little shorter than the other styles however they are still dense and full which I like, still creating an impact without being super long. I broke the rules when trimming these to fit, trimming the inner corners instead of the outer. As they become more full and wispy to the outer edge I wanted to keep that effect plus they are not too long, you can get away with trimming the inside. Dashin' is going to suit any eye shape they give a pretty sultry look to the eyes perfect to pair with a smokey eye.

Next we have Goddess, the perfect name for this style of lash. I love that these are dramatic and lengthening without looking or feeling too heavy for the eyes. They frame the eyes beautifully plus I barely had to trim them I only look the very end off. Even though these are longer and fuller, as they are tapered at the end they still let your eyeshadow show through perfect for a glittery party eye! They increase in length towards the outer corner which will look stunning together with a bold winged eyeliner. 

koko lashes amore

The last style is Amore a super dense and long lash, these definitely bring the glamour to any makeup look and I love that these fit my eye shape perfectly I didn't have to trim them. These are the thickest and longest lash out of the three however again do not feel or look too much, they make my eyes look big and wide and with both long and short strands mixed together give a beautiful feathered look. 

I love every KoKo Lashes style which sent to me, They are beautiful quality and affordable too I can not wait to wear them in my tutorials and over Christmas! Having already had the Queen B's I have worn them multiple times and you can barely tell, these will last you all through party season for sure. They have a thicker lash band however unlike other brands I have tried they are super flexible and comfortable, for more glamorous lashes none of them feel heavy, you could wear these all day and night and they would still feel light weight. Each style ads a beautiful glamorous touch to your makeup and blend perfectly with your natural lashes, which is your favourite style?

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  1. These lashes are so glamorous - perfect for festive parties! x

    1. Thank you Emma, I know they are so pretty for this time of year xx


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