Monday, 15 January 2018

Easy Copper Glitter Smokey Eye

Copper Glitter Smokey Eye

Copper tones are some of my favourite to wear, they complement blue eyes beautifully and if I don't go for a gold or brown eye look, copper is my next go-to. In this tutorial I am sharing an easy copper glitter smokey eye tutorial, this makeup is full glam with and extra touch using glitter for a stand out look. I love sharing makeup tutorials which are bold at the same time as being easy to create and this glitter copper eye look is just that! 

Perfect for a night you can follow along step by step to create a full coverage base, copper glitter eye finished with a nude lip, of course you don't have to use the same shades this makeup look would suit any shades so put your own spin on it!

Zoe x 


  1. This look is so pretty I'm such a fan of copper eyeshadow.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

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  3. Wow, copper eye shadows are great! I really love that metallic style in makeup that is dominating all the trends right now. I saw so many beautiful examples of using this style. Like, you can pop over here and check some wonderful examples of using it in every type of the make up, from the everyday, to the evening style. Hope this trend will last for a lot of time from now.


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